My study abroad situation was unique because I left the Thursday of exam week to travel to Croatia for my month abroad. With no time to make a trip home I had the additional task of packing up my entire dorm room and packing for study abroad on top of taking my final exams. It was most definitely a difficult task, but I made it out on the other side and am a better packer for it. With my newfound expertise, I thought I’d share some tips for packing:

  1.  Make a list of your essentials, your wants, and the things you absolutely don’t need

By prioritizing your items, you can ensure that you pack what you need first, and with the leftover space you can pack the items that you want to bring around that. Some of my essentials were personal care items, clothes, and one pair of shoes. My wants included my digital camera, flat iron, and a book for the plane.

  • Bring a small bag for your passport and wallet

I brought a cross-body bag so that I could keep my wallet, passport, and travel info on me at all times. It speeds up going through security and in countries where pickpocketing is common it keeps your stuff safer.

  • If you plan on shopping, bring an extra bag

I knew that I was going to be shopping in both Croatia and Italy, but I didn’t want to carry three bags while we were moving in between cities. So, I packed an extra duffel bag in my checked bag so that on the way bag I’ll have room for any stuff I’ve bought.