Most study abroad trips stay in one or two places for the duration of the trip with time to do day trips on the weekend. My trip, economics in Croatia and Italy, however, spanned five countries and 15 cities in just 22 days. We spent the most time in Dubrovnik and Opatija, Croatia where we did all of our studying and spent five to six days each. For the rest of the trip, we spent two nights in the cities of Zagreb, Florence, Milan, Venice and Rome, which were all beautiful and had so much history to explore. To travel between these cities we would leave around eight or nine in the morning and drive for about two hours until we got to the city we were day tripping at. We’d spend about three hours at that city to get lunch and sight see and then we’d get back on the bus to drive to the city we would be staying at. The cities that we day tripped to were Split, Piran, St. Moritz, Pisa, and Verona. My favorite of those cities was Split, Croatia. It’s a touristy town on the Croatian coast that is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. In addition to the beautiful views it’s home to Diocletian’s Palace which was built for the Roman emperor at the end of the 3rd century. While I do wish I could have spent more than just a few hours in all of these places it was nice to be able to see them at all. The beauty of a day trip is that you get a taste of somewhere without fully committing to staying there and lets you decide if you would want to go back.