I have finally returned back to The United States and have been getting acclimated back into American culture for a little under a week now. Some of the initial feelings of coming back were mainly bittersweet, in the sense that I did not want to leave Barcelona, but I was also excited to get back to see my friends and family. I am sure that this is a more general feeling that many study abroad students feel when nearing the end of their time in their host city, but it is a very unique feeling. At this point, what I am missing most about Barcelona is the weather, the friends that I made there, and the many activities to do during the day, which comes with living in such a busy city. The final destination that I visited before returning home was Cairo, Egypt, and that city and the people of that country are what make the place so unique and special, not to mention the history in the entire area as well. The whole process and experience is still processing in my mind, and there are many different aspects of it that still seem surreal to me. For example, when I am home for the summer, and it is the weekend, I usually go workout, or hangout with friends at somebodys house for a few hours. On the contrary, most weekends while studying abroad, I was flying to a new country to experience new cultures and places. Words do not truly do the experience justice, but there is not really many others ways to summarize the experience as a whole, besides the word "surreal." I could not have asked for a better host city as well, as Barcelona has everything you need, from the beach, to the food and cuisine, history, nightlife, and proximity to other countries when traveling. Finally, some words of advice to the future students. The main point that I implemented, and it changed my experience, was to say "yes" to everything that you can. You are already putting yourself outside of your comfort zone going abroad, and you mine as well go to full lengths to engage with the new cultures, foods, and experiences. Also, take some time to get to know your host city, it probably has more to offer than you might think. I was still finding new places in Barcelona on my same route to school, on the last week I was there! Additionally, pack lighter than you think, it will make everything easier, and you do not want to get stuck having to buy more suitcases for the journey back to the United States. This experience opened my eyes in many ways, and allowed me the opportunity to make new connections, connect with foreign people and cultures, and learn how to makethe most of every day I spent in Barcelona.