There are over 30,000 orange trees in the city of Sevilla. The trees only produce bitter oranges, so the fruit is gathered and sold to be used in marmalades, perfumes, and alcohol.

So far, being in Spain has been both exciting and overwhelming. This trip was the first time I had traveled internationally and stayed in a different country alone. My departure day started off with my 6AM flight being cancelled, due to weather, at 11PM the night before. I scrambled to get in contact with the airline and try to get my flight rescheduled since I had connecting flights that were still on time to depart. I was able to get my flights rescheduled; however, my first flight kept being delayed and it was unsure if we'd be leaving at all that day. Thankfully, we finally took off about 2 hours later than the original departure time and I was able to make all connecting flights and make it into Sevilla!

My first day in Sevilla was very lowkey and uneventful. After leaving the airport, I was taken to my homestay where I met my senora and saw where I would be living for the next 4 months. I was exhausted from over 24 hours of travel, so I didn't even attempt getting back out that evening. I actually ended up falling asleep on the couch for a little while between lunch and dinner and went to bed pretty early that evening. The next few days were filled with orientation sessions and different tours around the city to try to help us adjust. 

My first week in Spain was honestly pretty difficult due to a combination of exhaustion and a new environment. I don't naturally handle change well, so this first week was very overwhelming - I missed my family and friends and didn't understand majority of the things that were said around me. However, as time has gone on, I have made new friends, become more familiar with the city, and am slowly starting to better understand Spanish. I am finally starting to really enjoy Sevilla and all the beauty this city has to offer!