Being abroad is probably one of the most overwhelming things that I’ve experienced. Excited, scared, and trying to figure out a whole new world is a lot to deal with all at once. Studying in London, I didn’t really have a language barrier to overcome, but that can also add to the pot of things to figure out. For some background, I did a six-week program, and I took three classes, totaling nine credit hours. Mt program was through CEA CAPA, an affiliate of the University. Anyway, on top of all the new things we are accommodating to, as students we also must learn how to balance studying. Here are a few ideas to make this a little easier:

  1. Try somewhere new to study. Whether it be a coffee shop, a pub, or a park, there are small ways that you can still experience the city while you make time for your studies.
  2. Keep track of what you need to do. This one I can’t stress enough. Whether it be a planner, a digital calendar, or a to-do list, be diligent in keeping track of your classes and assignments. Having your things organized makes a word of difference.
  3. Utilize travel time. If you’re planning on taking weekend or day trips, take advantage of the travel time. If you have stuff that you can download, you can even get work done on an airplane or bus.
  4. Make friends in your classes! Chances are, you’re both probably struggling to find a good balance. Getting work done can be more enjoyable with some company.