It has been slightly over a month since my return to America, and it has been an optimal amount of time to gather my thoughts on the summer semester. While in Ireland, it felt like I lived most of my days in a postcard, and now it seems like it was a dream. As soon as I was back on American soil, I wanted to turn around and go straight back. I feel like I could have spent another year there, and it still probably would not have been enough time. Of course, I missed my family and friends, but the experience of getting to learn something new every day about a different country, culture, landscape, etcetera was addicting. I am envious of those who get to travel more often than I do, I am hopeful that I am lucky enough in my life to be able to visit several other countries around the world.  

What I will take with me now that my study abroad has completely concluded is an awakened sense of vigor in learning more about the entire world, and not just my backyard. It struck me over the summer just how vast our planet is, and how intricate the weave of the human race really is. Once I graduate, I plan on utilizing my degrees in Environmental Science and Geography toward progress for the protection of our planet. I want to be able to cause a great impact on the natural world and the people around me, and the beginnings of this confident passion were planted in Ireland. Next year, I am hopeful to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship that pertains to research in Ireland, which would be an amazing way to return and also further my career. To those who are able to and considering a study abroad, I strongly urge you to do so. I have made memories, friendships, and dreams which will last a lifetime, all because I took the plunge to try something new.

Pictured above: a selfie of me at the Cliffs of Moher