-Jameson C.

Traveling abroad is a great experience for any human being, especially when studying in college. I am enrolled at the University of Alabama and chose to study economics in Croatia! Personally, I love to travel and see new cultures and the opportunity came around to go to Europe and I did just that. This is my first time here in Croatia but not in Europe so the environment and what/what not to do are very instilled in me already from my previous travels (Germany, Norway, Scotland, etc.) But if you are reading this and have pondered on the idea of crossing the Atlantic I would overwhelmingly advise to do so. Please read up and/or watch videos on the country you are interested in. This will get you up to speed on the culture, food, sights, and precautions to be attentive on. I arrived Tuesday after a long flight to Amsterdam then to Croatia later that night. The rest of my group and I were exhausted and understandably jet lagged, but our two professors (Junsoo Lee, UA & Vladimir Arcabic, Univ. of Zagreb) held a great welcome dinner for us filled with wine and delicious food. I had the monkfish dish in the picture below! So please if you are interested in studying abroad, do a little research-have a good time-don’t forget to study!

Some things essential to pack for your trip PLEASE READ

  • PASSPORT (check for expiration)
  • Medications (if applicable, print out doctor’s note for customs to review if needed)
  • Clothes (always better to overpack then under)
  • Power Outlet (Europe has a different outlet compared to the U.S.)

Monkfish, Wine, Meeting Everyone (10/10)