Today is the first day of my wonderful trip to India! I started my first day by getting a great night of rest and hopefully sleeping off my jet lag. I then woke up and had an exquisite breakfast, that included a wide variety of typical American breakfast foods with some traditional Indian staples interspersed throughout the buffet.

After breakfast, a large group of us went to a community center to go sightseeing and were enamored by the culture that is present in Delhi. The start of this trip has been incredible, and I cannot wait to see what else this trip has to offer!

On a side note, I was able to become friends with our housekeeper and his manager. The housekeeper then told me that he had a son who worked downstairs at the gym; I, soon after meeting the housekeeper, was able to meet his son as well during my workout. Attached you will find my picture with the housekeeper, who did an amazing job, along with his manager.