Growing up I would hear my parents use sayings I had never heard or even understood. Phrases like “time flies when you’re having fun”, “they grow up so fast”, and “life will pass you by in the blink of an eye”. Then, somewhere between growing up while trying to embrace being young, these sayings all made perfect sense to me. Study abroad has been a perfect example.

Here I am, sitting in my favorite juice spot, across the street from my favorite coffee shop, post last lunch with my class friends, reflecting on the fact that I have two more weeks left in possibly the best four months of my life. It is crazy to look back and see the life I have built for myself in a place so far away from home. My random roommate has become a friend for life, being with the neighbors across the hall has become a daily occurrence, everyone knows where to go Mondays and Wednesdays, walking into the beer hall has become exciting because you will see everyone you know, I walk without directions, I make restaurant recommendations, the local grocery store knows who I am, and the coffee shop has my order memorized. It is easy to compare this to first semester freshman year. However, freshman have three and a half years left. I have seven days before I will likely never see many of these people or places ever again. It is bittersweet really. In my opinion, a show of the good in humanity. As humans, we are meant to meet people, make connections and long lasting memories. We are meant to meet people who make an impact on our lives. I can say for certain, my life has forever changed.

Four months went by in the blink of an eye. I would do it all over again if I could. For those of you thinking about taking the leap, do it. The bigger the risk the greater the reward. I’ve got my own phrases now.