The overall emotion I feel right now is mixed. On the one hand, I feel accomplished, and the other feeling I have is exhaustion from all the hard work I put in. Initially, when I told David this should take me a week to do, it honestly would have taken over 30 days. There were so many competitors in the business, if I could estimate around 300-500 competitors max. The tasks pretty much were simple. All I had to do was list the product information and wholesaler information, but some businesses did not have an email address when it came to gathering up the mailing lists. However, I do miss the funny conversations that David and I would have. If you are reading this, David, you have helped me tremendously, and you are an amusing, kind, and relatable person. The first thing that changed was my attitude, the process was long, so it taught me how to pace myself even more (Patience). I feel more relieved now, but at the same time, I know what to expect when I get into a job role where they have me gather leads. Also, the terminology he used was something I had to get familiar with, so I had to write the stuff in a notebook. The perspective I had before was that David being from Australia, would be chill and less demanding. I was right on the first part, but David wanted results, so it forced me to come outside my comfort zone. My mom noticed it as soon as I got through with my internship. She noticed I was more detail-oriented than before, and I had grown more accepting of my imperfections (Weaknesses). David made me realize that it does not mean you will have it for life, although you have a weakness. It is just there temporarily. He encouraged me to find a business I like and to figure out the business’s money trail. The whole outlook is different because it makes you feel more empowered to accomplish work like this. A glance into my life includes lounging around and reading books; however, it brought me more experience than ever. The first time I opened excel, I barely knew any of the functions; however, towards the end of the internship, I have learned so many new things. I am very appreciative of the respect and advice David has given to me. Thank you all!