Hi everyone,
My name is Caleb Pierce, and I am a business management major at the University of Alabama. I wanted to study abroad to be around different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and races. The part that influenced me to do the internship is the low cost. Initially, I did want to study abroad; however, my internship was switched to virtual due to the pandemic. If I had gone abroad, I would have made sure I had all my required documents, including my suitcase, driver’s license, passport, and a record of me getting certain shots/vaccines. However, this was not the case for me at all, the internship was virtual, so I had to prepare differently. What I usually do before I get on zoom meetings is stretch. What I did the day of my internship to prepare mentally was I listened to hip-hop music. The first few days came with excitement because I was selected to do an internship with a company located in Australia. Since my internship will be virtual and not face-to-face, I did not have a problem at all. Most of my thoughts were running rapidly in my head. I was nervous because I did not know exactly who my employers were upon my acceptance. Yet, I knew I was in good hands because Australian people are known to be relaxed. Going abroad has its highest and lowest points, and I felt both at the time. I really would like to travel to Australia to do my internship face to face, but then things were out of my control. I hope to improve on is my skills in data analytics, business analytics, and professional presentations.