Hello, I’m so honored to be selected as a study abroad Bama Blogger! I have always been interested in participating in studying aboard but never really had the opportunity. So, this previous winter I was talking with my friend and the idea came back in mind to learn more about available study abroad opportunity. What so happen, my first day in one of my classes the professor mentions a study aboard opportunity, and I was so shocked. I wanted to learn more; I rightly bug my professor every day after class to make sure he knew I was interested lol. Some of the keys factor for me picking the program I’m apart of was making sure the classes go toward my major and figuring out how this trip will get funded. Also, this is my first time flying on a plane and I look at this as a great opportunity to go international! As for me preparing for this trip I honestly didn’t know where to start lol, again this my first time flying, so I was asking a lot of friends and family for tips. The hardest part was warping my mind around the fact that I was going across seas by myself. So, I did a ton of research on the countries and city’s I was going too. I made sure to check the weather, style, and food because I know it might be a different cultural experience for me, so I wanted to try my best to blend in, but while staying true to my roots. Since my program was a total of 19 days in Germany and it was going to be raining most day. I made sure to buy a nice rain jacket and I knew it was going to be cold, so I brought a lot of warm gear similar to sweaters and hoodies. Also, a few things that were a must for me while on this trip: one my shoe bag with multiple varieties of shoes, you know you can’t predict the weather lol. Second, my laptop which is a must for me completing my schoolwork which is the main purpose for me going on the trip right! So, my plan is to bring 3 bags with me technically 4. I have a check in bag, one carry-on bag and one personal bag which I also included a mini pack bag for walking. There’s a lot of different thought come to mind Like how Europe will be overall. Will I be staying in a nice place?, Will I be safe?, Will I get sick?, How will I find my way around if I’m by myself?, or how will I adjust from being away from my family and friends for this long period of time? As I’m currently sitting on the plane and typing this blog. I know this will be an exciting moment in life for me. I am a tad bit nervous I won’t lie lol, but who wouldn’t be. On this study aboard trip, I hope to gain a general idea of how other countries lifestyle and culture is like. I want to make sure I tour different places and enjoy every moment. Also, I want to taste varies of food, do a little shopping around, and take tons of pictures.  Last, I want to experience the education program in Europe, so I plan to learn a lot about the geography in varies of countries and on the ice glaciers as I do research on snowpack in the mountains, as this will follow up with my major. I know I have a lot of fun and exciting things set up! I plan to make this an amazing experience, so keep following my blog more to come. Roll Tide!!!