For our last night of our abroad trip in Italy, we had bought tickets for Serie A soccer game in Rome. The match was between S.S. Lazio (the home team) and Sassuolo. Neither of the teams are particularly good, but it was the only game we were able to attend during our trip. Nonetheless, we were all excited to see a European soccer game for the first time. Before the game, some of the guys in our group even purchased some merchandise to support the home team.

When we arrived at the stadium, we were extremely excited and impressed by the atmosphere before even entering it. However, when we tried to go through our gate, the security would not let us through. At first, we could not really understand why, so we tried to go through different gates and were running around the stadium trying to get in. Eventually, we understood that we could not get in because we had tickets for the away team’s section, but we were wearing the colors of the home team. Finally, after missing about a quarter of the game, the security finally agreed to let us in the game, but we had to stand because we could not get into the section where our seats were.

Despite the setbacks and unfortunate situation, the game was very exciting, and we all loved being in the passionate atmosphere of the stadium. Unfortunately, the final score of the game was 1-1, but we all agreed that it was easily one of the highlights of the trip.