I decided to study abroad this past May because I studied abroad the May before this in South East Asia for the first time and it was the best experience ever! I wrote about it in Bama Bloggers last year if you want to check it out! I had so much fun with it and the second I got back into the US I realized I needed to immediately start planning for my next trip! My professor was taking a trip to Australia which I had always had an interest in going there so the trip genuinely seemed like the perfect opportunity for me! I prepared by making sure that my phone plan / card info / outlet converters and everything else was ready. Since this was my second time studying abroad I was way less anxious then when it was my first time abroad, so that was nice to be able to relax a little bit more. However, I still went through the handbook that UA gives us to confirm that everything was actually complete! I was really busy though before studying abroad, I had finals, family in town, and graduation so I did not get a chance to pack until the day of my flight. Thankfully my flight was in the afternoon but I do not recommend this because I was really stressed out. It worked out though because I managed not to forget anything!