Upon returning home I am feeling all of the emotions. I look back on some of my favorite memories like the Great Barrier Reef, holding Koalas (which is pictured), Sydney opera house, and the beaches in Sydney (Manly beach and Bondi beach). These were just a few of my favorite things. I really hope to go abroad more in the future and potentially through study abroad again if available. One of the coolest things I like to tell people is that I literally swam with sharks! I would love to visit Australia again, the only thing really holding me back (other than money obviously) is that it is so far away. The plane ride there was so long and I have been on a lot of flights. The longest single flight I had was 17 hours and that was after a 3 hour flight and before another 4 hour flight – so it was a long travel time to say the least. If you are contemplating studying abroad 100% do it. There are lots of options for financing and scholarships, it is so worth it and I wouldn’t trade a single memory I had. Not only do you get to explore a whole new place, but you also get to make long lasting friendships. A few of the people on my trip, I knew previously because we all went to Asia together for a study abroad trip last May. So, it was awesome to see them again and catch up, and explore a whole new continent together.