Throughout my time in Ireland, I have learned many things and made so many new friendships. After being home for about a week, I have had to reflect on my time in Ireland and the numerous cities I have seen. After the initial culture shock from being in Ireland, I was able to settle down and reflect on the many new friendships. Our trip consisted of going to different cities and staying 2-3 nights in every place. We got to see many geological features, castles, and abbeys. I was able to see many geological features: sea arcs, sea stacks, stalagmites, and many more. If you are an environmental science major, or any major for that matter, I would highly recommend this trip. Alongside of the school aspect of this trip, we had an amazing faculty led professor, Mary Pitts. Going to Ireland with a professor that is originally from Ireland was an amazing help! She was also able to show us all the ends and outs of the different cities. In Ireland, most of the individuals that live there mostly speak English, but in some cities, they speak only Irish. When we were in these cities, it was very helpful to have Dr. Pitts. The group of 11 of us all came from different cities and backgrounds. I really enjoyed getting to make new friends and I am very much looking forward to seeing each of these individuals on campus. We all had different majors and interests, so this really allowed for a fun and unique experience in Ireland. Having a close group traveling with was definitely an experience I will never forget!


Roll Tide!