After an unforgettable trip to Florence, Italy, I decided to capture my memories in a journal and somewhat of a photo album. The point in my journaling was to be able to relive my adventure over and over again, as well as keep it forever and share it with my family. The idea initially sparked me on my nine hour flight home… when not a single screen worked the whole time. It was just me, my phone on airplane mode, and a journal I had bought at a local store to meet the minimum charge of 10 euros when I initially wanted a 2 euro post card. But, once the idea sparked, I was on a role and couldn’t wait to get home to put everything together!

As I packed my tiny apartment up in the heart of Florence, I began to find stickers, business cards from shops, photobooth prints, airplane tickets, library cards, tickets to the breathtaking Boboli Gardens, and even little trinkets from local marks. I slid them all into a plastic bag to take home. Upon returning home, I gathered all the cool souvenirs I had collected and spread them on my floor, admiring all the memories. Each item held a story, a moment of my adventure in Florence.

I printed out my favorite photos—both the cute and the funny. There were pictures of the stunning Duomo, the serene Arno River at sunset, and candid moments with friends I met along the way. For each photo, I wrote a few sentences about what I did that day, the emotions I felt, and the people I encountered. This added a personal touch to my album, making it more than just a collection of images but a narrative of my trip.

Journaling was equally rewarding. However, I did not have time to keep up with a physical journal throughout my trip, I kept a notes document and would jot a few things down each day, than, when I got home and had time to write things down, I looked back at my times. Every evening, I dedicated time to jot down my experiences, reflections, and thoughts. Writing about the intricate details of Florence’s art, architecture, and culture helped me appreciate them even more.

Creating this photo album and journal was an awesome way to cherish my Florence adventure. It allowed me to keep the spirit of Italy alive in my heart and mind, providing a tangible connection to a trip that profoundly impacted me. I definitely recommend doing the same, it took little creativity, just a wanting to preserve my memories and keep reliving my three weeks abroad!