I unfortunately did not have the best start to my trip this year. My roommate and I ran into NUMEROUS flight problems, we had delays, cancelations, we had to switch flights at one point, and the list goes on. Worst of all though – our luggage got left in the US, so I only had one outfit to wear from Tuesday – Saturday. Eventually our luggage came but not having clothing and having to call the airline continuously to see what they were doing was frustrating to say the least. Other than that though, I had the best time ever abroad. Australia is phenomenal. My first impression of it, is that it is very similar to America, and a little bit cheaper too which is nice! Out of all the countries I have been to this is the only one where I could see myself actually living. My favorite thing that we did while abroad was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef! It was the coolest thing ever. I grew up on the water so I love swimming anyways so I think that did help because I was in the ocean swimming for a couple of hours at once. It really was incredible, I got to see so many awesome fish and a few reef sharks which was scary at first but then cool! I was so sad when it was time to go, but I plan to return to this in the future! My least favorite thing while abroad was when we visited Melbourne, Australia, it was extremely similar to New York City. So I 1, felt like I was not abroad and 2, am not a fan of NYC anyways so it was by no means was an interesting part of the trip.