When preparing to travel, it’s easy to fall down the internet rabbit hole of what to bring versus what not to bring. The packing is one of the hardest anxieties to overcome when leading up to your trip. But, luckily there are some things that the internet was correct on – and I was thankful for it. Besides the help of the internet, I found my own saving graces and perfect necessities.

1. Clothes You Know You Will Wear

This one is so important – and the one I didn’t follow when I was packing for my trip to Italy. Despite your judgment when packing your dream outfits, you are going to want to wear things that are comfortable and easy to pair. I brought a few outfit choices that I love but don’t wear frequently at home. Despite my minimal space, traveling with only a carry-on suitcase and backpack, I ended up not wearing some of the items I had packed for myself. I ended up wearing the items I felt the most comfortable in – and the clothes I would go out in even at home. Stay true to you!

2. Portable Charger

While this may seem like something you have heard before, it is so important to pick a proper one! My portable charger stopped working on day 4 of my two-week trip and I was so upset! Make sure to read the reviews and be willing to spend an extra dime on this – it will be used more often than you expect. You are taking pictures everywhere you go, and the camera is known to drain your battery so quick! Prepareee, prepare, prepare.

3. Fanny Pack or Small Bag

Despite your immediate denial – not wanting to look like a tourist, not used to wearing a bag, not wanting to ruin an outfit – a small crossbody bag or fanny pack will save your sanity while walking through the streets of foreign towns. No matter how you dress or what bag you bring, it will be obvious that you are a tourist. Add yourself an extra layer of protection from pickpockets by making sure to keep all of your belongings in something close to your body that you can see at all times! You can always take them off for pictures – but having an easy access to your phone, wallet, passport, etc. is 100% worth it.

Most of the advice on the internet, like TikTok and YouTube, is super useful. Research is such an underrated part of the traveling experience, and it can benefit you tremendously!