It’s been an amazing first half of my trip. Currently on my way to Lisbon from London. I’ve created so many memories already and learned so much. Some things surprised me such as their pizza. You know we have cheese pizza and margherita pizza in the states, in the UK it’s the same thing. One of the first nights we went to dinner I ordered a “margarita pizza” expecting a pizza with dollops of mozzarella and tomatoes and to my surprise I received a normal cheese pizza, then for the rest of the week I noticed signs advertising the margarita pizza with a picture of a plain cheese pizza. I’m not complaining I just find it interesting.

Anyways, I feel grateful for my time in London if not for anything else than for the metro “the tube”. That was our primary form of transportation, homebase being Shepherds Bush or what we liked to call “The Bush”. I’m thankful for it because I have an upcoming internship and I’ll be using a metro to get to work every day. I was confident in my ability to use public transportation… until the first few times I used the tube, it quickly humbled me. However, once I understood it, it was extremely easy to navigate, which didn’t take long. I’m thankful for the tube teaching me how to use public transportation.

Lastly, I want to mention I feel like I did so much in London, from visiting markets like Camden Market, Notting Hill, and Borough Market (who had the best chocolate covered strawberries ever) to visiting the London eye and the Tower Bridge however I feel like I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to. With that being said I will definitely need to visit London again one day.