I have been in Madrid for four weeks now and I can not believe I am halfway there! I finished my first two classes today and said goodbye to my “group one” classmates who will be heading back to the U.S.  today. My June recap is as follows. It was full of stunning cathedrals, tranquil cafes, and weekend excursions. My favorite thing to do after class is go to the coffee shop right next door called Manolo Bakes which is a play on Manolo Blahniks because who doesn’t like shoes and a sweet treat? Anyways, on the weekends we traveled as a class to Salamanca and Segovia and learned the history and culture behind many ancient cities, cathedrals, and castles. I have seen some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. My favorite thing to do in every place we visit is to try new foods and immerse myself in the culture. Some local cuisine is potato tortillas, croquetas, and paella. I can never forget before leaving every place I always buy a postcard as a souvenir as a keepsake to remember all the places I have seen. Along with my cultural experience, I have learned about the history and geography of Spain that accompanies my real-life experience. While most are nervous about taking classes in a foreign place, I am here to say it is nothing to be afraid of! My classes and teachers are so fun and we learn so much by hearing about it in class and then seeing it before our eyes on our excursions. I highly recommend studying abroad I already notice a significant difference in my Spanish skills and I can’t wait to see how much I continue to improve.