I decided to write this post while being on my long trip home to the usa. I was able to reflect and think about the good and the bad and what I would do if the opportunity arose for me to go abroad again or even more abroad. For starters, I was only in Spain for 2 weeks so I still have much to learn and experience and it was also my first time abroad. Upon leaving I felt relief and also sadness. To go more into depth, there are reasons for both of these things. First, why I am relieved to go home. I am exhausted! My body is extremely sore, tired, sleep deprived, dehydrated, etc. Being home I will be able to relax and get back into the swing of things are my pace. But that being said would I feel that way if I were there longer or even lived there? I think those could possibly things I could adjust to I just didn’t have the proper time. I also want to see my dogs! Spain is extremely dog friendly. I saw hundreds of dogs while abroad which makes me even more upset that I had to leave mine so I am extremely relieved to be able to go back home to them and not have to rely on my family members to make sure they are okay without me. On the other side if I lived there the dogs would be with me which would make this not an issue. I am also excited to have water available to be 24/7 because that really took a toll on my body and I don’t know if there would be ways around that necessarily. I am also relieved to be with people familiar to me. When I chose to go on the study abroad trip I didn’t talk to anyone going on the trip prior. I found amazing people and possibly long time friends but at the same time we only had two weeks with each other and to learn about things so I am very relieved to get home to my family and friends that know me well and know my personality and I can be myself and be comfortable. I am also very relieved to be home and have air conditioning because that was very hard for me being dehydrated and hot. I also miss my car and driving! Madrid and Barcelona are big on public transportation and walking but I am not used to that coming from small town ohio then living in tuscaloosa for college. But if I lived there possibly I would adjust?

Now onto some examples of why I am also sad to leave. I LOVED exploring the new cities and seeing all the different buildings and castles and architecture. Just seeing how people live so differently and how everyday is probably so different for them. It is also sad to think about leaving because I saw so little in the time I was there. Even though we tried to see as much as possible the cities are so big and new to me that I would have enjoyed staying longer or I would like to go back to continue exploring and finding new things. It is also sad to leave the people you’ve been with every single day of the last two weeks but that is what phones are for and we will all be back in t town shortly! I also really enjoyed some of the different foods I tried and it is sad thinking I won’t be able to have some of those things again unless I go back to Spain. I am also going to miss how the food didn’t make you feel bloated and sick like American food. The difference is crazy! And of course we can’t forget how cheap being abroad is compared to America so that was nice! Overall, I couldn’t say if I would pick one or the other, USA or abroad. But it is of course different for everyone and an amazing opportunity if you have the chance to go.