o look back at the trip in full, this study abroad trip was one of my favorite memories of college so far. Going into my senior year to be able to have this opportunity is truly a blessing. One of my favorite parts of this trip was being able to meet so many people. On our UA faculty led trip we had 45 kids. We all had different backgrounds and different personalities, but we all got along so well. It was fun to be able to experience a trip like this with so many new friends and getting to build relationships through the program. Croatia was a very nice place to visit and study. It was very safe and had lots to do if you liked history or if you like outside activities. The food was also very good. There was traditional Balkan food and foods you would think of more Italian foods. One of my favorite things I was able to do in Croatia was a boat tour in the Adriatic Sea. The water was so clear and blue, and we were able to visit other islands around Dubrovnik, Croatia. We also stopped in Slovenia. Slovenia was very nice and had very good restaurants as well. Italy was very cool to be able to see all the tourist spots you see online in real life. The way Italy uses its old buildings is amazing and cool thing to see. My favorite place in Italy was Milan. It was so clean and had a big city feel and great public transportation. I also really enjoyed seeing the Trevi Fountain in person in Rome. This is something I feel you see a lot on social media so to be able to see it in person was amazing and even more spectacular. While we were in Milan we took a day trip to the Swiss Alps. This was also probably one of my favorite parts of the trip it was truly beautiful. The landscape was stunning. Through this trip I have been able to learn how to travel and not be scared to travel. I would recommend to study abroad to anyone who can it is truly an amazing experience.