Sydney!! Sydney was by far my favorite part of the Australia leg of the trip. The Opera house was even more amazing in person and the architecture and structure of it all was fascinating. The harbor itself was beautiful with the bridge, the Sydney skyline, and the opera house of course. We went to Bondi beach and Manley beach. Manley beach was in a small beach town that we took a ferry to get through. Bondi beach had the cutest market going on where I bought a fun sweater with fish on it! We ate some sushi by the water and then I went for a swim in the ocean. We went on a beautiful night cruise where we got to see the harbor at night. In Sydney is where I tried sushi for the first time in my life, and now I am obsessed!! We got to go to an AFL game, which is Australian football. The best way to describe it is a mix of rugby, American football, and soccer on a huge circular field. It was very hard to follow and a chaotic game but also such a fun environment to be in! I feel like Sydney is somewhere I could see myself living and working in the future. It has a great balance of all the things I enjoy with a big city and lots of nature and of course the ocean! There is great food, and lots of job opportunities, specifically in consulting!