I’m visiting 6 different cities and 2 different countries in about 10 days. So far, It has been one of the most exhausting but rewarding experiences I’ve had. We have been to Milan and Venice, and went to St. Moritz in Switzerland. I’m currently on the train to go to Florence, Pisa, and later, Rome in Italy. It is a lot of work both mentally and physically, but I got to see so many things that made it so worth it. Some of the things I got to experience truly left my mouth wide open. Venice was the first city in Italy I visited. Going on a gondola and experiencing the food was a once in a lifetime experience. Venice is such a unique city, as there are no cars and it’s built around waterways, so it was the best introduction to Italy I could ask for. Seeing the Swiss Alps in Switzerland was truly breathtaking. There are mountains like I have never seen before, with waterfalls, lakes, and snowcaps all over, with little towns in the valleys. In Milan, the Duomo di Milano was one of the most beautiful man-made pieces I’ve architecture I’ve ever seen. It is very rare for such an extraordinary monument to be just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, but it is definitely a must see. I’m so grateful for the things I’ve seen in just the past 72 hours, and I am so excited about what the last three cities have in store for the rest of my group and I.