On the study abroad trip I went on, our first stop was in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Although it was a city that I had never thought about visiting prior to hearing we were going on the trip, I could not be more grateful. I have never been somewhere like it and I don’t think I ever will. The water was some of the bluest I have ever seen, and with a very rocky coastline, there are a lot of cliffs and caves. It was also the stop where everyone started to meet each other and become acquainted, so I met a lot of the friends I’ve had for the duration of the trip now. We had class at a local university, the University of Dubrovnik, and it was so interesting to see the differences between a big university such as Alabama compared to a smaller one in a European country. One of my favorite things about the whole entire trip was seeing the differences in culture. There are so many little things that are different, such as the need to ask for the check or the doors opening a different way (word of advice: always push first). I saw and did some things that I never thought I would do, such as diving into one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen or jumping into freezing cold water. One of the biggest challenges of going abroad is stepping out of your comfort zone. Lean into it, and you’ll have so many wonderful experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise.