I am sitting in the airport writing this post feeling very bittersweet. I have just finished up studying abroad in Barcelona for a month. It was one of the best experiences, and I want to share more about it. The up and downs of my trip, myths that I heard before traveling that aren’t true, and some more tips or advice.

After experiencing studying abroad and going to Barcelona, I can confidently say that I will be recommending a study abroad trip to anybody that asks about it! I was nervous to go by myself in a place across the world, but it taught me so much and help me grow. The first day or two was hard for me, I was adjusting to the time change, trying to meet everyone, and trying to find a new sense or normal. When you first get to your destination, don’t stress if you don’t feel perfectly settled by the first day. It took me awhile to finally feel a bit more at ease when I was on my trip. Just do your best to put yourself out there to meet people, and also take some time on your own to explore!

Before I left I had heard many different myths or stories about studying abroad and Barcelona. The first was that you were going to be spending a lot of money. I had set aside and saved up for this trip, and I thought I would be prepared. I 100% recommend setting aside and saving for your study abroad, because this myth/advice was very true. You will find yourself eating out a lot or traveling, and that adds up quickly. Be smart about you money and you will be ok, just prepare correctly before coming!
Another myth that I heard was about the pick pocketing in Europe, specifically in Barcelona. This is very true as well. The pick pocketing in Europe, especially in Barcelona, is crazy. Pick pockets will snag your phone right from your hands or take something from your purse if you leave it open. I was so scared going into my trip after hearing this. While it is important to be alert and aware when traveling, don’t let this scare you. It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought, it was simply something that I needed to be aware of. Another piece of advice that I got when abroad was to separate you money and cards. Don’t carry all your credit and debit cards on you at once. If you do happen to get something stolen, you don’t want to have all your cards in one place!

Overall, have fun but be aware and be safe! This study abroad trip has the opportunity to be one of the best times of your life. You will meet so many people, experience so many new things, and be pushed out of your comfort zone. Take pictures and make memories because before you know it you will be like me, sitting in the airport reminiscing on an amazing experience!

This is my new friends and I on our last night all together in Barcelona!