Go. Go. Go. Summer of 2023, I knew I wanted to study abroad but I let the fear of how much it cost and the uncertainty of scholarships keep me from going. When the opportunity came up for me to go for two weeks this Summer and get class credit I immediately said yes, absolutely. What I learned, there are scholarships, the school wants you to be able to go, and the experience is priceless. My point being, don’t let the price tag, or fear of traveling keep you from experiencing new things. You never know what you could be missing out on.

Going to other countries will open your eyes to cultures, histories, languages, and a world far different from America. You get the opportunity to interact with different people, try new foods, and learn about yourself and how well you do in new situations. You will have obstacles to overcome, like language barriers, public transportation, planning, and conversions but you will also get to experience architecture, style, and in my case lots of shopping. After going abroad, I am not afraid of going through airport security or figuring out how to buy a day pass for a new train system. I have a new appreciation for those that helped translate for us in Portugal and a new desire to pick up a different language. I took some French in middle and high school and can definitely say I need to get the duolingo app before I ever go back to France.