Before embarking on our journey to London, our professor expressed his desire to secure tickets for the entire group to attend a premier league game. However, as our departure drew near, it became apparent that obtaining these tickets would be a challenge. Undeterred, recognizing the value of such an experience, he proposed that we organize a trip to a game on one of our free days.

Thus, on our second day in London, a group of 10 to 15 of us went to the Tottenham versus Burnley football match. Personally, my knowledge of soccer was limited to knowing that Messi plays for Argentina’s national team & Ronaldo plays for Portugal’s national team, leaving me uncertain of what to anticipate. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to befriend a passionate FIFA video game player. To preface, I was sitting next to an expert the entire game.

To provide context, the significance of this game paralleled the scenario of Alabama football missing out on playoff contention despite a commendable 8-2 season, facing off against a lesser opponent towards the end of the season. Tottenham found themselves trailing 0-1 early on, creating palpable tension within the stadium. However, they managed to level the score to 1-1 rather quickly. Then, at the 82nd minute mark, the beloved Mickey Van De Den secured the game-winning goal, propelling Tottenham to a 2-1 lead. The chants and crowd roars after that goal were deafening.

The atmosphere was akin to that of a championship game in the SEC. The energy was electrifying, making it one of the most memorable sporting events I’ve ever attended. It’s safe to say that I’ll be tuning in to Spurs games in the upcoming season.