I am going to be going to Zambia with the nursing school for my study abroad experience. We will be doing a pop up clinic Monday-Friday while we are there to provide free healthcare for all that attend. I decided to sign up for this trip because it sounded like an amazaing experience. I graduate in December of this year and want to take advantage of this opportunity while I can. I wanted to go on this trip to gain some new perspective on healthcare and how it can look different globally. I am hoping to broaden my knowledge as a future nurse along with gaining insight to a new culture and what that can look like. I am excited for all the new experiences and opportunities this trip while open up and can not wait to learn about a new culture and provide care for those in need. The most scary part to me is traveling so far away, without my family, to somewhere I have never been before. I know I will be in good hands, especially as the faculty leader is from where we are going. I am excited to push myself and take advantage of the opportunity I have been given to travel to Africa and serve the people there. I think this will be a great opportunity to meet new people, grow in my confidence as a future nurse, experience a new culture and broaden my global perspective. The main emotion I am feeling is excited and I am going into this experience with as open of a mindset as I can!