By the last few days of the trip I was getting pretty homesick and could tell how excited I was to go home, see my family and my pets and sleep in my own bed. Now that I am home though, I already miss Europe and the people from my trip so much. For the first two days I was home I pretty much just slept, lounged around and told my family about my trip. One of the first things I did when I stepped into my house, after hugging my family and pets, was get a giant glass of ice water. I am so used to cups of water that are filled to the brim with ice and being able to drink gallons of water if I want and that was something I greatly missed while abroad. I do miss all the friends I made on my trip but luckily they are all University of Alabama students so I will be able to see them on campus in August. I have also been keeping up with them through social media and text which makes it better. While we did stay in nice places on our trip, some of them did not have the best air conditioning which is completely expected because Europeans don’t seem to care about it as much. I will say as someone who is pretty consistently overheating, I was happy to sleep in my nice and cold bedroom when I got home. My little black cat named Pickles was absolutely thrilled when I got home and proceeded to join me in my 15 hour nap.