Prior to studying abroad in London, I made sure to get a fresh haircut, as I am sure most of my peers did the same. Of course, with my luck, when I went to book an appointment with my usual guy, he was on vacation. So I ventured out to find a new barber, and, well, I didn’t do the best job explaining what I wanted. I didn’t necessarily get a bad haircut, but it felt off. It wasn’t the look I usually go for.

As we got further into the trip, I became more eager to get another haircut. I decided I would visit a barbershop prior to our second class dinner with Professor Lopez. I did my research, watched a couple of YouTube videos, and ended up booking an appointment with Pall Mall Barbers. I intentionally booked at their Trafalgar location, as it was their first location. Later, I found out it is the oldest barber space in the city of London.

I walked in and was greeted by Jesus, who was finishing up with another client. Once it was my turn, we discussed what I was looking for, and he got to work. The conversation was great, and the haircut came out better than I could have hoped for. Jesus moved from Spain 12 years ago, and it was cool to hear some of his stories. He talked about the time he visited New York and how he struggled with learning English at first while in London. It was a great experience.

The only problem now is Jesus raised the standard; I’m not sure my guy back in the United States is going to cut it anymore.