After some time in Australia, we headed to our first stop in New Zealand, Queenstown! Leading up to this part of the trip, I wasn’t actually that excited. I was dreading being in the cold weather and was worried I did not pack right for the cold. But once we got to Queenstown, I was blown away, still cold, but absolutely amazed by the views. There were beautiful glacier water lakes, so they were so insanely clear, and beautiful mountains all around. Queenstown itself was also a very nice, small, and charming town as it is on some water and nestled between the mountains. There we started with a gondola ride and then some real-life Mario kart, as well as an amazing dinner buffet! We got to explore the town and a beautiful park the next day and then went to Fergburger, a famous Queenstown burger place, it was delicious! We then went on an off-roading tour to different Lord of the Rings filming sites. I have never seen the movies, but it was still so cool to see and the sites were beautiful! The next day we got to go to the amazing Milford Sounds. We flew in on a small plane, where I was actually lucky enough to be the co-pilot! Flying in through the glaciers and mountains took my breath and is an experience I will never forget. Going on the cruise through the sound we were able to go close to waterfalls and even see some dolphins and a seal!!