I am currently halfway through my study abroad program in London England!! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing all new things. Upon my arrival, we embarked on a bus and boat tour around London, where I had the opportunity to see iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the Tower of London and the Tower bridge. These sights were absolutely amazing. We have done so many things since arriving in London but here are some of my favorite things so far. 

Visiting Sigmund Freud’s House is probably one of my most memorable experiences.  I have studied about Sigmund Freud since highschool so to be able to see where he lived and worked was fascinating to me.  His home had the original furniture and his belongings as well as an exhibition on Freud’s life and the development of Psychoanalysis. 

I also participated in a legal tour that included a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice.  Some of the country’s most significant legal judgments are made in this stunning Victorian building. I enjoyed hearing secret stories about its construction and learning about the fascinating characters and historical figures associated with it.  We walked through alleyways and courtyards of the Inns of Court, which is the traditional ‘home’ of barristers in England and Wales. Hear what Charles Dickens had to say about our “overpaid” lawyers, why Francis Bacon was sacked as Attorney General. 

One of my favorite experiences was dining at The Clink Restaurant. This restaurant is located within a prison.  All of the staff members are inmates. I heard that prison food is absolutely horrible but I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious dishes prepared and served to us.  All three courses were filled with flavor and were absolutely amazing! Interacting with the prisoners who served us added an interesting element to the meal.  I thought it was really cool that we were able to talk to and get to know the prisoners. The decor and artwork was created by the inmates and was truly impressive.  I think this was the coolest eating experience I have ever had and would recommend it to anyone who is in London or heading there soon. 

Another highlight for me was participating in The Serial Killer Tour. This tour was absolutely captivating.  It delved into the world of notorious and unsavory characters, locations, and theories, providing a thrilling experience filled with heart-stopping and chilling moments. We followed the footsteps of London’s serial killers, walked to various sites, heard tales of the heinous crimes committed, explored theories about motives and delved into the mysteries of unsolved murders.  The tour guide, who is both an actor and researcher, was a truly exceptional story teller.  He shared spine-chilling tales that made my blood curdle.  

My time in London has been amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for me!