Blog 1

I decided to go on a study abroad because, as first-generation student, I wanted to experience traveling with many like-minded individuals. Since I am currently going into my junior year, I knew it would be a good opportunity to take Economics 309, as it is a course requirement for my major. I was drawn to this wonderful opportunity to be able to take this course as I would be traveling to many different countries and learning about different economies. This program being 24 days in May influenced my final decision since my internship does not start until June. Europe had always been a continent I wanted to visit, and as this program consisted of going to Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Croatia, I was automatically interested in going. I began preparing for this program by researching popular sites to visit and learning about the cultures in these countries. I bought clothing that would help me fit in with the local styles in Europe, and looked up videos on essential items to bring, such as an adapter. I am especially looking forward to visiting the Vatican and the Colosseum in Rome, as they are two beautiful locations that I have always dreamed of visiting. I am also excited to see the sunset in Zadar because many tourists say it is one of the most beautiful sunsets that they have ever seen. Additionally, I look forward to building relationships with all the students on this trip, because it’s always nice to make new friends and bond through new experiences. I am also eager to experience being in a different country learning, and as well being taught by a Croatian professor. Overall, I am excited that my first experience in Europe will be through this study abroad program.