Light packing has never been a word in my dictionary. It usually hasn’t been that big of a deal and it’s always been relatively manageable. If I could go back in time and do one thing differently for my trip, I would tell myself to listen to the emails and understand what light packing means, and DO IT. You are constantly changing locations, so whatever you pack, you must lug around multiple trains, buses, and hotels. For me personally, I did not listen and am currently lugging an 80-pound suitcase around Europe. Do not be like me. Below, I am giving you a fool proof list of everything you will need. NO EXTRAS.

  1. Toiletries (obviously)
  2. A week and a half worth of undergarments, socks, etc. (you will have the opportunity to do laundry, take advantage of it)
  3. 3 t-shirts, 2 comfy shorts, 1 pair of sweats, 1 sweatshirt
  4. 2 pairs of jeans
  5. 2 pairs of other pants
  6. 4 pairs of shoes (sandals, sneakers, slippers, shoes for dressier looks)
  7. 4 dresses
  8. 2 skirts
  9. Tops that you can mix and match (probably around 8)
  10. 1 jacket/coat (trench coats are popular in Europe)
  11. Accessories (these can totally elevate an outfit and make it look completely brand new even if you’ve already worn it)
  12. A crossbody purse

Remember that if you end up needing something, there are stores and shops that you can always find to purchase what you need. It is also imperative that you leave a little bit of wiggle room in your suitcase. I promise you will be bringing back more than what you left with!