The perfect way to start the day is on the beach and that is exactly what we did this morning. We all walked to the beach and got towels from a vendor on the beach. We got some drinks from the beach bar then laid out and enjoyed the water and beautiful weather. After the beach we took a nice stroll back to the hotel stopping for poke bowls and empanadas. There is so much shopping to do everywhere. Maddie and I needed some new dresses to wear in the upcoming days, so we stopped by Mango on our walk home and picked out a few new dresses. We got ready for the afternoon to go on our Barcelona City tour. We started our tour at Las Ramblas and walked around the Gothic Quarter. Our tour guide told us all about the Barcelona Cathedral, which is different than La Sagrada Familia. Learning about the different churches was very interesting to me. We then went over to La Sagrada Familia. This was one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. It has been under construction for over 100 years, and they still have a while to go. We finished out the day doing some shopping at Golden Goose and walking around the area. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant which had a variety of good food. We all hung out at the hotel bar before all going up stairs to continue to talk about what we have experienced so far and what we were looking forward to most on the rest of the trip. We had plans to go to Orient Express as a group but ended up going to a small restaurant to get drinks instead. After drinks we headed to Razz! Wednesday in Barcelona are Razz Wednesdays and we found out why. There were so many other college students who were also studying abroad. We met people from Texas, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. We all had so much fun at Razz then we hopped to Sutton to end the night.