I landed in Birmingham after over 24 hours of solid traveling. It’s a lot of work to cross an ocean. 

I made several of my favorite memories in Barcelona in our last 5 or so days of being abroad. We visited a gorgeous cathedral, an old military fortress, and I rode in an old cable car that afforded gorgeous views of the city. We also got to participate in a cooking class where we made some of Spains most famous dishes and they were the most delicious things I ate during my entire trip. 

We visited a university and got to sit in with some of the students! It was so funny and sweet how we were all shy and curious about each other and tried to get over the language barrier. We entered a classroom to exchange questions with each other and then we watched an amazing lecture on publicly available information. I found it super interesting, and I learned about all the different people who use these information systems and their purpose. Companies will use it for competitive reasons as well as government organizations to promote safety or find suspects. The technology he showed us blew my mind, and our group had loads of questions afterward. It wasn’t a competition between us and the other visiting students, but it might have looked as though we thought it was. 

I have gained so many lifetime memories in such a short amount of time and immersing myself in a different culture has completely transformed my life for the better. This experience will always stick with me. I bought a small, tiled elephant while I was there so I can always remember going abroad and representing Bama.