From the sounds of a solo guitarist on the street to the gorgeous buildings' architecture to the Spanish conversations in passing, I knew I was due for an incredible time abroad!

My name is Hunter, and I'm a senior studying Management Information Systems at the Capstone. My time in Madrid & Barcelona will be filled with not only indulging in tasty tapas, interacting with locals, and learning history but also learning about the interesting ways the cities utilize technological concepts in business and day-to-day life by visiting tech companies and a university. 

In just the first 96 hours, I have been truly immersed in such a beautiful culture. As pictured in the image slider, you will see some of the exciting moments from some of the organized activities and solo activities my friends and I did. These include learning bachata, tasting tapas, visiting the El Rastro market, touring the Museo del Prado and Royal Palace, and doing some sightseeing. 

Trust, in these first 96 hours, there were some challenges faced. For one, I have never had a conversation with a fluent Spanish speaker. After the first day, I learned how to process how fast they speak and listen for words or phrases I knew. I became comfortable with ordering food and saying common phrases. Another challenge was transportation. At home, we are so used to hopping in our cars, even for short distances. Here, I will quickly learn how to use the train (which was surprisingly convenient and clean), use the bus, and use my good ole 2 feet. I will learn later that I should appreciate walking and burning off the calories I will intake from all the eating. 

I've had the best time so far, cannot wait to see what the rest of my time in Spain holds. Until then, Roll Tide!