First Impressions of Belize……..My initial impression upon landing was apprehension and excitement. I was in a foreign country and knew no one. Once I arrived, I was excited to get started and get to our destination. Our first destination was Big Falls in the Toledo District of Belize. There we stayed one night before we prepared to travel to Lime Caye. The bus trip to Big Falls was enjoyable as we learned about the native trees. We learned about the many species of mango trees that aren’t native to the area. My first real impression occurred over the first and second days.   The second morning, we loaded the bus to Punta Gorda and loaded a boat to Lime Caye. After getting settled, we did our first official snorkel. Lime Caye’s beauty was breathtaking, especially the mesmerizing underwater ecosystem off its shores. Right off the tiny island, there is an incredible new world of life in the water. I captured many pictures and videos of fish and coral species. It was amazing how quickly the depth of the water would change. The diversity of marine life was astounding. The queen angelfish, with vibrant colors, was incredible and became one of my favorites. We also got to see several Lionfish. We ended the night with a lecture. I immensely enjoyed my first day on Lime Caye, and it set the stage for a great experience as I saw the incredible underwater wildlife. My first impression of the study abroad in Belize was fantastic and set the stage for us to look forward to many more days of snorkeling and exploration.