I had a lot of fears when I was initially planning for my study abroad. For me personally, my biggest fear was being alone and not making any friends. I was supposed to be going in my group with a friend. Last minute, my friend dropped out, and I didn’t know anyone else that was going on this trip abroad. I’m very social, but I had the anxiety that I wouldn’t meet anyone, or I would be all alone. I could not have been more wrong. The group I went with is amazing, and I have made so many fast friends that will most likely be in my life for years to come. If you are anxious or worried about going alone just like I was, my biggest pieces of advice would be to keep an open mind and put yourself out there. Everyone is nervous and wants to make friends. I have talked to so many people on my trip abroad that have felt the same exact way that I was feeling, and we all feel so silly now. It was originally hard for me to take this step out of my comfort zone, but growth is never linear and most times it can be a little uncomfortable. Firsthand advice, once you make the decision and don’t look back, you will have so many opportunities and people come into your life that you couldn’t even imagine. There has not been a single moment of my trip abroad that I haven’t had someone to do something with or talk to. Your peers are more like you in so many ways, even if you don’t tend to think so. I promise, everything will work out in your favor!