Arriving to a new country can be incredibly overwhelming. You’re in a strange new place that you may have never been before that may also speak a language that you do not know. Some of your first interactions may be scary and you can often feel very alone. But after a few hours you will begin to take everything in. You will begin to absorb the culture around you. You will see all the beautiful sights of the country you are in and you will begin your journey abroad. When you are studying abroad you will meet so many different people from not only the country you are in but also all across the globe. I have met so many people from around the world in my classes. Learning in a new country is such a unique experience. You not only get to learn what you are studying, but also the culture around you. While in Morocco I have had the privilege to not only explore the city I am staying in but to also explore cities all across Morocco. While in Morocco I have been able to see everything from the Sahara Desert, to the Atlas Mountains, to the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. When traveling abroad you are going to be able to meet such interesting people who live vastly different lives than you. Learning about these people’s experiences is such an interesting and valuable part of studying abroad as it broadens your perspective of the world.