As we transitioned from Croatia to Italy, it was a bit of a stressful experience when it came to luggage’s. When we were in Croatia, we primarily relied on buses for transportation, but as we got to Italy, it shifted to trains. In the train stations it was a bit chaotic as we were a total of 45 students in this study abroad program, and many of us did have multiple luggage’s. When we arrived in Venice, I immediately felt it was worth the trip. Exams were over, and all that was left was a seminar. The way our schedule was set up allowed us to enjoy Italy without stressing about exams. Our professors invited us to dinner, and later we all met up at Florian, the oldest coffee shop in Italy, to enjoy dessert with a view of St. Mark’s Basilica. We took gondola and taxi boat rides, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of Venice.

Even though we continued taking trains as we moved to a different city, the convenience of having train stations within walking distance of the hotels made our experience perfect. In Verona, I saw Juliet’s balcony, which was really special since I love the movie. It was also wonderful that after seeing the statue, I got to have lunch and dessert with my good friends. I also visited the leaning tower of Pisa, where people were excited about the view and the food was great. Rome was my favorite. I got to visit the Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps, which were all bigger than I expected. Attending a soccer game was the best part, feeling the energy of the city and the support for the team. Experiencing all these places with friends made it unforgettable. Italy was definitely a country filled with so much happiness and beauty, and I am so thankful this study abroad let me experience being there.