As I am leaving Fiji, I have reflected on a few of the things I have learned in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. I have learned the world is a lot bigger than I ever thought, and I can learn almost anything through immersing myself in the culture. I have learned a lot about international business, and I have even had the chance to possibly find something I might be interested in for a future career. I have had the chance to learn about how the film industry changed one country and how tourism sustains another country‚Äôs economy like Fiji. Their main industry is tourism which I found fascinating. I got to see local flora and fauna in each location, and I could also tons of natural wonders like glowworm caves, Milford Sound, and even the Great Barrier Reef on some of my excursions. I have a deeper appreciation for the environment and the people I share it with. 

     I have seen how different cultures apart from a more western culture like Australia and New Zealand to an island culture like Fiji. I learned about how they have villages and elect chiefs in each and have a prime minister. I saw indigenous cultures like the Maori and Aboriginal people as well as the local Fiji culture. I got to experience how people made a living for themselves and still do to this day with differences and similarities in each culture. I had a broader respect for how important it is to know who your audience is when you are trying to conduct business internationally. My project involved furthering franchise development for the inventor of the Zorb which is used in the adventure tourism market. I get to cover the cost structure and revenue streams of the trip which is incredible.