Dia dhuit!

Tomorrow I will begin my journey to Dublin, Ireland and the past few days leading up to study abroad have been filled with nerves and excitement. There is so much to get finished from your paperwork, schoolwork, and packing. I have traveled outside of the country many times before with my family, but this will be the first time I am traveling solo. In just a few short hours, I will embark on my journey to Ireland for 15 days. During these 15 days in Ireland, I will be moving from city to city and getting to explore this wonderful new country with a UA faculty member. My teacher is originally from Ireland, so she has been able to put any worries I have had about Ireland at ease. I am extremely excited to go abroad with her because she will know all the best places to take us. While abroad, I will be taking six credit hours of classes. I was extremely nervous about how the classes were going to be while overseas, however after seeing the blackboard assignments I have not been stressed over it! The majority of the schoolwork is going to be either before or after the trip which makes it a lot easier to really be able to enjoy Ireland in its entirety.

This study abroad trip consists of 11 other students that I had never met before, so I was very nervous and excited to meet them before our trip began. Not knowing anyone that was going was a little scary, but after meeting all the individuals going it made me even more excited to go. Studying abroad can be a scary and exciting time, but it will be so rewarding once you are finished with your time abroad.

Roll Tide!