When we landed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we took a bus to the hotel and the first day was a day to settle in and explore.  Croatia was where the bulk of our class took place. A normal day with class would start at 7:30/8 am to wake up for class and get breakfast. We meet at the university in the city we were staying at 9 am. Class would last to around 12 or 1 pm and we had homework to complete. During the rest of the day, we would have a group activity, or we were able to have a free day to plan something or explore ourselves. My favorite University in Croatia was Zagreb. This campus had their students who attended the university regularly still attending class. I enjoyed being able to see the university lively with students. We had two tests while we were in Croatia as well. These looked a lot like the test you would take at the university. Throughout our trip we traveled to 15 different cities and 5 different countries. This made for many quick travel days. In Croatia we took a bus to travel around and sometimes a stop was planned into the day to help with timing when getting to our next destination. When we moved over to Italy this travel was done by train. A normal day in Italy would consist of a possible group planned trip, but for the most part you were able to schedule whatever tour or activity you wanted to enjoy for the day.