I had a blast the first week of the trip! I will say, the flight from Dallas to Madrid was not great. As a 6’5 human being I was cramped and it was really difficult to sleep. However, because I arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia in the evening, I basically avoided being jet lagged, so that was nice. The food here is amazing! I’ve tried to stick mainly to seafood since we are right on the coast. I’ve had cuttlefish risotto, shrimp tacos, Bosnian meatballs, and more. Our first day in Dubrovnik, we got to tour the walls, and the view was breathtaking, just look at the photo below. On Wednesday, we went to Club Revelin. It is one of the top 25 clubs in the world. It was really cool because it was inside a fortress. The beach there was great, although the water was a bit chilly. It was fun to just walk around Dubrovnik and see as much stuff as possible (this included many gelato runs lol). On Saturday, we left Dubrovnik and went to Split and then Zadar and Zatan. The resort we stayed at in Zatan was so nice. We had our own separate rooms, a nice breakfast, and a pool. We went to Zadar in the evening to watch the sunset, and then we walked around for a bit and got to experience the underwater organ. We then walked to the square where there was a big screen showing the Eurovision finals. Croatia’s Baby Lasagna, with his song Rim Tim Tagi Dim, placed second in the world. We traveled to Zagreb, Croatia the next day, and had a five course dinner, which was one of the nicest dinners I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next week!