During my recent trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, I was mesmerized by its stunning scenery. Exploring the old town and city walls was a fascinating experience and riding the cable car offered breathtaking views. This city was one of my favorite parts of the trip because it felt so peaceful, and the views were just incredible. Under the guidance of Professor Lee, our classes were engaging, and we quickly formed strong bonds as a group. Despite my initial concerns about language barriers, I found that many locals spoke English fluently, making communication easy.  

During the remaining part of our course, Professor Vladimir, a Croatian instructor, provided us with an exceptional learning experience. The hospitality of the Croatian people was evident throughout our journey, and the service at restaurants was exceptional. Group dinners with fellow students were enjoyable and helped to strengthen our connections. Additionally, I had the privilege to visit the Croatian National Bank and gain insights from their economic analysis department. There was certainly a lot of walking throughout the country, but even when I felt tired, my enthusiasm for exploring never diminished because every city had so much to offer. I will also never forget the stunning sunset in Zadar; it felt surreal, and I was thrilled to witness such a beautiful moment. On the day we arrived in Zadar, the Eurovision finals were taking place, and it was heartwarming to see the tremendous support the locals had for their country. My experience in Croatia was exceptional, and I will always remember it fondly as the first country I explored in Europe.