Zagreb was awesome! I really enjoyed getting to meet Professor Vladimir Arcabic and he did a phenomenal job teaching the class. During the breaks we would get after every hour of class, I would spend time exploring the University of Zagreb, and I actually got to have coffee and pastries with some of the faculty members and students during one of the breaks. I went to two different museums, the Museum of Broken Relationships, and the Hangover Museum. Both were very interesting takes on museums. The Museum of Broken Relationships basically has a bunch of different artifacts that people have submitted and then written a memoir about. It was a very sad museum to walk through, and you mostly just wallow in sadness through it. The Hangover Museum was interesting because they give you drunk goggles to walk on foam and do a driving simulator and other things and then at the end of it they give you a shot. I did a little bit of shopping while in Zagreb: I bought a Modric jersey for my brother, a Croatia hat for my dad, and a Croatia hoodie for myself. Professor Vlad says that everyone in Croatia will know I am a foreigner if I wear it in Croatia but that in other European countries, people will think I’m Croatian. We’ll see if that plays out when we go to Italy. After a few days in Zagreb, we moved to Opatija, but really we stayed in Lovran. We made a stop on the way to Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was absolutely beautiful there and the food was amazing; I had lamb. While in Lovran, we got to hear Dr. Lee present some of his research on how declining/low fertility rates in various countries are affecting the economies of those countries. It was very interesting, and he is presenting his findings to the South Korean Central Bank soon. We made another stop in Piran, Slovenia on our way to Venice. Everywhere we go is just so pretty! I wish I had worn my swim trunks to Piran, because the beach was easily accessible and I could have gone swimming. Oh well. In Venice, a few of us got up early in the morning to attend Mass at St. Mark’s Cathedral. The church was magnificent. We also rode a gondola, and got to check out Libreria Acqua Alta which is a bookstore on the water with cats inside and a staircase made of books in the back to get an even better view of the canals. Venice was unlike any city I had ever been to, but it was lots of fun!