When I first arrived in London, I was immediately occupied listening to the locals talk. There’s nothing like a good British accent, and I absolutely enjoyed listening to those around me. I was so exhausted from traveling when I landed, but I stuck it out so that I would not ruin my sleep schedule at the beginning of my trip. At first, I was nervous about who I would spend my time with during the trip. Are the people I sit with at the first dinner going to be the people I hang out with every single day? Who should I even sit with?? All sorts of questions like this were running through my head.

At first, I had no idea how to spend my time in London, so I found that the best strategy to fill my days was by stealing my peers’ ideas and plans and just tagging along with them. This proved to be a great plan, and I was able to mingle with just about everyone on the trip and found a really solid group of friends while in London. It felt like there was always something to do in London, and I think I could have stayed there for months. We would always set out to do one or two specific things with our day, such as going to St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the next thing I know, I’m on a speedboat under the Towerbridge. There was truly never a dull moment in London, and I absolutely plan to return.

As for academics, there was a great balance between having plenty of time for fun and exploring while still having some class time to focus on accounting topics within the scope of IFRS. I enjoyed working with my group on presentations throughout our time in London as well as seeing my other peers present in front of our class.

While we stayed in London, we took a day trip to Paris. Paris was incredible to see, and we were able to knock off all the major attractions and had an absolute blast at lunch. I feel like all of my days just kind of blurred together between going out and not sleeping enough, but I would not change a single thing about the trip; it was the best time of my life.